Morgan & Möller – architectural concrete for the demanding


Architectural concrete is a unique material. Although it seems raw and “inaccessible”, it is enough to skillfully use it in the arrangement of space to give the interior a sophisticated character. Morgan & Möller proves it every day. The combination of advanced technologies and unbridled creativity has created a decorative concrete that redefines the space around you. Discover its true nature together with us!

We are a manufacturer of architectural concrete. Our concrete is made in GRC technology, i.e. reinforced with fibreglass dispersed in mass. This is a material that offers great design capabilities. Not only in shape and size, but also in colour and texture.

We use the spray method and special blends in the production process. With the help of science, we have mastered the nature of concrete, which makes our products lighter than you might think while maintaining the best strength parameters.

Here’s a sample of our possibilities. The rest depends on your design ideas, even the craziest ones. We will help you make it happen.

What do we offer?

Morgan & Möller offers a wide range of architectural concrete products: concrete panels, structural decoration, furniture and decorative accessories as well as bathroom and kitchen furnishings. We also carry out individual orders.

  • Concrete panels

Wall and floor panels made of architectural concrete. They come in three basic sizes (60×60, 60×90 and 60×120 cm), two thicknesses (1.5 and 2 cm), four colours (Mist, Typhoon, Frost and Storm) and three types of surfaces (Silk, Rough and Sandblast). Our GRC concrete panels are also suitable for installation on facades. It is possible to make panels in any size and colour.

  • Decorative accessories

Something for smaller lovers of architectural concrete. Flower pots, candlesticks, decorative letters and more – perfect for gifts.

  • Concrete furniture

Small and large utility forms made of architectural concrete – from coffee tables to armchairs and sofas for several people. Concrete is often combined with wood and upholstery. It is possible to make custom-designed furniture.

  • Structural decoration

Spatial wall decoration available in several types. When placed on the wall, a shadow and light effect appears that emphasizes the spatiality of the forms. The decorative effect can be amplified by painting the concrete or dyeing it to any colour.

  • Kitchen and bathroom

Furnishing for “wet” rooms in our homes. Countertops, sinks and washbasins. Standard and custom-made.

  • Facades

Our GRC concrete panels are also suitable for installation on facades. We work with a Polish substructure manufacturer for ventilated BSP facades.

Do you have questions? Contact us or visit our Warsaw showroom. We invite you!